Tailored Solutions

We understand that safety, quality & efficiency are your operational priorities. At ACGE we strive to empower you with quick, innovative and economical solutions to maximize your up-time while on contract and minimize downtime during planned out-of-service periods.

From single parts to complete maintenance projects, we provide an ever expanding range of complete service solutions that go beyond the typical service approach in the energy industry.

With decades of combined experience, ACGE offers niche services that are tailored to meet your needs. Whether it’s performing routine rig inspection on a jack-up rig, assembling a derrick on a semi-submersible, repairing a crane or completing essential shutdown maintenance at a power plant, ACGE has you covered.

With our unique heritage and global footprint, We are able to deliver our specialized offshore and onshore services through one PO and one vendor registration.

From inspection and testing to spare parts supply; from repair and manufacturing to overhauls and upgrades; from rope access to engineering solutions. At ACGE, we strive to empower your operational performance performance day in and day out..

We promise a refreshing ‘can do’ attitude and a hands on personal approach to solving your problems and looking after our clients. We will keep pushing the boundaries and never take your business for granted.

ACGE has decades of experience of removal, refurbishment, re-installation and commissioning of full drilling packages including BOPs, draw-works, mud pumps, independent rotary drives and other assorted equipment. Existing equipment is re-manufactured to OEM standards and tested to operating requirements before being returned to the original rig or installed on a different vessel. This process offers vessel owners a lower cost, faster alternative to new equipment procurement and commissioning.

Whether it’s a quayside, offshore or dry dock project, ACGE is able to assist. After many years of experience working on all types of rigs, there is not a single piece of equipment that our personnel have not worked on before.

In addition, we have all of the required certifications to ensure our work – and your rig – is in compliance. ACGE is the smart partner for the installation and commissioning of, for example, anchor winches, BOP overhead trolleys, crane winches, hydraulic cylinders and pedestals for burner booms, and much more.

To minimize interruptions in your operations, ACGE offers the very best in specialized equipment repair, overhaul, upgrade and re-certification.

We provide cost effective solutions in a timely manner, using our smart, integrated manufacturing capabilities and technical support staff that fully adhere to classification and certification requirements.

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Other Solutions

Semi-Submersible Rigs

We can provide various types of analysis to suit your operational demands.

Jack-up Rigs

We have experience in the analysis of Jack-up structures in accordance with SNAME

Oil and Gas Integrated Logistics

We have accumulated experience in verifying and strengthening of the BOP frame, wellhead spider under load.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.