Rig-Project Management

Clients look to ACGE to deliver complex logistics operations in challenging locations around the world.
As the client’s single point of contact, ACGE integrates the activities of contractors, subcontractors and service providers, often from diverse backgrounds and cultures, to ensure the success of the overall program. As the project manager, ACGE integrates the activities of the design, planning, procurement, and delivery functions to meet your expectations.
ACGE is recognized for its ability to deliver projects safely, on time, and within budget. ACGE’s fully integrated teams offer services and support in design, construction, fabrication, procurement, project controls, safety, quality, and operations and maintenance. ACGE has established systems, tools, procedures, and processes for successful project management.

With more than 30 years of experience, our engineering team is highly specialized in gear and jacking system design, structural material analysis, professional drafting, advanced 3D modelling, testing and much more.
We provide this expertise to clients in our engineering project management and reverse engineering services.

Unburdening our clients is key. Through analysis, project management and consultancy we provide our clients with tailor-made design solutions, varying from prototype and life-cycle testing to research and development of new and existing products. We have the expertise and knowledge to manage all of your needs on entire engineering projects.

Engineering Design and Analysis

Drawing from our experience with a range of international structural design codes, offshore industry specific and certification authority standards and practices, ACGE can deliver sound structural engineering analysis to meet your requirements and satisfy those of others.

Analysis is typically carried out in an audit-able, well documented system using MathCAD, STAAD, MaxSurf Modeller, CAD, FEA packages, and the standard Office suite with detailed code references and checks to the suite of internationally and regionally recognized offshore codes, certification requirements and standards.

Dynamic structural analysis, including fluid / structure interaction can be used to analyse and provide assurance on integrity in complex scenarios.

Other Solutions

Semi-Submersible Rigs

We can provide various types of analysis to suit your operational demands.

Jack-up Rigs

We have experience in the analysis of Jack-up structures in accordance with SNAME

Oil and Gas Integrated Logistics

We have accumulated experience in verifying and strengthening of the BOP frame, wellhead spider under load.