We are an international, dynamic company with a worldwide reputation, gained by providing a world-class standard in Rig Consulting and Inspection services to companies across the globe for over 30 years.

At ACGE, we believe our diverse attention to detail is the key to for our success, and the reason why we continue to be rated top within the industry, equipped with experienced personnel from a broad range of professional to offer field, practical, well-conceived solutions to client-specific project needs.

Committed to superior performance and results, we pride ourselves in knowing our clients, their needs, and work processes.  We believe that safety and environmental stewardship are the cornerstones of our business success.

Our experienced engineering and management staff can assist with all phases of field development, from well drilling feasibility studies to final facility abandonment.  Our skilled field personnel provide onsite expertise to ensure successful project execution.

Detail which has led to the development of our much acclaimed TRAMS3 reporting system, unique to ACGE, and a first for the industry. Not only does it deliver standardization to the reporting process, it significantly reduces the reporting time frame, enabling in some cases, an interim report to be available even before the engineers have left the rig.

Detail which has inspired the creation of our own online training facility VIRTUAL ACADEMY. Written and developed by our engineers, the teaching is uniquely designed to stimulate real competence through understanding based assimilation, no parrot fashion learning by rote here.

And lastly, detail in every aspect of how we conduct business from first contact, interaction, communication and on-going service, we know our clients appreciate the culture created at ADC, which is now accredited and endorsed by the ISO.

We help interesting companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Michael Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Thomas

Chief Human Resources Officer

Michael Rivers

Chief Technical Officer

Barbara Hook

Chief Financial Officer